OK, that does it.

I’m gonna have to go see Serenity.

Elaine just pushed the scale right over tha top by adding her enthusiastic thumbs up to the already heaping pile.


The chicks kick ass-really, what more did I need to know?

6 Responses to “OK, that does it.”

  1. Graumagus Says:

    If you can, watch the TV series on DVD first. You’ll appreciate the movie all the more.

  2. Zan Says:

    Elaine said that too-guess I’d better!


  3. Zan Says:

    BB says
    the dialog is pretty ffunny and the characters work well
    oldtimey SF fun…

  4. River Says:

    My vote too is for the watching of the DVD’s first. Joss is known for his great character development and you don’t really get that in the movie. It’s nice to love the character’s before watching the movie.

  5. Shadoglare Says:

    Ya, it’s a really good movie, in fact even people I know that don’t like sci-fi liked this movie…
    Which is why I keep finding it so weird that the number of people seeing it has been so light…

  6. Zan Says:

    OK, OK, I’ll see it as soon as I can find a video store that has the DVDs!


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