Christmas tree or mothership?

Got our tree up this weekend, twinkling lights, Balinese winged mother goddess and all.

Rowan and Sam had fun desecrating, gulping cocoa and playing their little cat games. While they played the evening away, mom and I watched Shaolin Soccer-God, that’s a funny movie! I loved it, the kids caught the tail end and thought it was outrageously hilarious too.

I’ve introduced Sam to a lot of movies this year, but last night he turned the tables… I don’t know how I’ve missed seeing it all these years, but he introduced ME to ‘Close encounters of the third kind’.

It was cool. He was pretty excited to know more than I did about all the eerie spaceships zooming around. I found it pretty confusing, but the mothership was spectacular with all it’s cool skyscraperesque structures and dazzling multi-colored lights.

Now he’s busy guessing which transformer is in the big blue box under the tree. His head is so full of autobots and decepticons, it’s all he talks about… Endless lists of which class they’re in, or which planet they’re from.

I’ve been informed that we definately NEED a planet map. Who knew?

Hmmm… I’ll think I’ll round out our movie week by taking him to Wallace and Grommit, maybe that’ll open up some new, non-transformer shaped neural pathways in his 7 year old brain.


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