Don’t make me get ’specific’ with your psoas

Gave some kickass ’ssage tonight, despite my splitting headache.

There’s nothing like a well-informed, heartfelt massage compliment to restore my sadly sagging sack of confidence.

One of my clients was a self-admittedly extremely picky massage therapist(compliments always carry a little extra weight from a fellow professional). She was surprised to hear I’d graduated from Brenneke. She said I gave massage like an Utting grad. Huh? She clarified, my approach was very specific to the muscles and I was very present in my touch.

It’s all your fault, Svadesh! I took your awesome Art of Deep Tissue Massage and now I’m all Uttingified.

Oh well, she also said it was the best massage she’d had in a long time and they’re all Cortiva now anyway.

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