Ninja Moon Goddess!


I finished the companion piece to the River goddess, just in time to deliver it to Heather at the Norminapalooza(deets and pics on that spectaculiscious event coming soon…)…


She looks nice in the bathroom. I thought she might be a little overpowering, too dynamic a contrast to the peacefulness of the smaller River lady…


But it’s really a pretty nice combo.


Heather says it’ll help her wake up in the morning! The placement is pretty perfect too-you see the energetic splendor of the Moongoddess when you walk into the room, then, as you assume your throne to do your bizness, you can gaze upon the sublime serenity of the Rivergoddess…


Nothing like a satisfied, return customer to warm the cockles of my artistic heart.

3 Responses to “Ninja Moon Goddess!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    That moon goddess is fantastic! I LOVE the look on Her face!

    If I ever make it back out to Seattle, I absolutely MUST commission a painting from you. You are so incredibly talented, and I get so much pleasure from seeing your works here. Thank you for sharing them like this!


  2. Zan Says:

    Aw, thanks… I’m pretty happy with her too. I really like the dynamic aspect of the painting.

    But you don’t have to be here to commission an artwork.

    What with all the wonderful technology nowadays, it’s easy to do long distance-You can send me your ideas/pics and I can even show you the work in progress at every step of the way!

    You too can be the proud owner of a Zanwork.


  3. Jenny Says:

    Well, then, maybe we can chat via email, and come up with something. :) The only reason I said “if I get back to Seattle” is the thought of the energy/dynamic you get when you meet with someone in person– I didn’t know if you preferred working that way. I’d be delighted to have my very own Zanwork! (If you would, please email me, and let me know some specifics about the process, and the cost, and about how long it takes, etc.; and I’ll try to write up something about what would be meaningful and awesome to me.)


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