Skiing xmas!


Jeff took us cross country skiing for xmas! It’s been forever since I’ve been skiing so it was a real treat, absolutely beautiful, too.

We floundered about a bit, but not as badly as this bird, apparently:


Poor thing must’ve done a beakplant before finally managing to take off!

We went up a couple of switchbacks(just to make it really fun for the neophytes in the group)-definately earned our very MEATY lunch.


David and Jeff managed to get an excellent fire going(in the snow!) and we had an awesome sirloin(roasted on skewers), port, meat pasties(brought by the amazing Marina) and chocolate dipped baby orange brunch.

Not to mention ending the evening in a hot tub! Whoohoo!

A lovely xmas day.

You can see the rest of the pretty pics here.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    see you tonight!!


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