Goddamn, I hope I freakin’ bleed soon!

‘cuz if I have to deal with yet another day of grouchyass, ungrateful, petulant, heartsore, unappeased, mewling, castigating, tiny mindedness I’m gonna start ripping the heads off hapless bunnies!


A new Gchat friend asked today why my status line said hamsterfish-she said it wasn’t a very pleasant image. It just popped into my head this morning. Just the thing, I guess, to describe the truculent, premenstrual, heart-achey state of my mind today, all caged and gnarly gnawing and floppy flailing. Home neither on land nor at sea.

An altogether preposterous creature.

2 Responses to “Goddamn, I hope I freakin’ bleed soon!”

  1. Graumagus Says:

    But not as deadly as the evil Chihuanha. Half Chihuahua/half piranha, the chihuanha can simultaneously annoy the crap out of you with whiny yapping and strip the flesh from your bones in seconds….

    (These are the animals I designed to go into the pit I’d drop my failed minions
    into should I ever become a supervillain… “Toss him to the Chihuanhas! MUWHAHAHAAH!”)

  2. Zan Says:

    Eeeek! Not to mention peeing all over your feet with submissive arrogance while they devour your toes?! Sounds like the perfect minions for me right now-but how do I get them to flock to the standard of the Invincible Hamsterfish?

    Fresh meat, I s’pose? Perhaps I should pay a visit to Woodland Park, where all those silly people ‘free’ their pet bunnies…


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