Azra’s resurfaced!

I love this woman. Her gorgeous paintings, ambling sketches, goddess chasing… Love it when she vents her goofiness in cartoon form, or tells her curious, capricious tales.

Ah, Azra. It would so be worth the trip to the woebegone wildlands of Tennessee, just to get chased off her Bertgarten Sage by her wicked sharp tongue, fierce gaze and slavering tiger-sized grimalkins.

Welcome back to the virtual world.

2 Responses to “WHOOOOHOOOOOO!”

  1. Azra Says:

    Well, thank you, Zan!

    You know… you keep this up and I may just become unsufferable. “Don’t talk to me, peasant. Of course I know what an artistic genius I am. Zan said so.”


  2. Zan Says:

    Good thing I have a fondness for the insufferably arrogant-someone has to keep the peasants in their place!LOL!


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