Sometimes I feel like I’m falling out of my skin

And I don’t know who or what will emerge from the shredded husk.

SO tired. Damn insomnia last night, just could not sleep no matter how long I laid there with my eyes closed, how perfectly I attempted to relax and release my thoughts. Now I’m practically sleeping through work.

Massage, zzzzzzz, massage, zzzzzzzz, massagzzzzzzzzzzzz-


I guess p’raps I’d better take a break from Murakami and his bizarre otherworlds, psychospiritual rambles and gruesome flaying torture scenes(really, Haruki, MUST you?-could you not bring your excellent, potent storylines to their exquisite pinnacle without such visceral viciousness?!). The fluidity of reality and magic, the vivid display of people’s tiny little worlds and the vaster flow beneath them, comes a little too close to my own vision, my artistic rendering of life as a Zan and begins to make me wonder which world I’m in, which world I WANT to be in.

Or maybe it was just the chocolate bars. Mmmm.. Dark, dark chocolate yumminess with sour cherries and medium dark chocolate with ginger chunks-the two contrasting and melting together so nicely I didn’t want to stop comparing them. Ever.

Eventually, inevitably, I was left with nothing but the amazing maze of thunking thoughts crunching and crinkling in my head all night despite my most profound desire to obliterate them into nothingness and succumb to sweet, sweet sleep.

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