Lucid massage

I love it when I’m working and clients just sort of melt into that dreamlike gap between sleeping and waking. Sometimes I’m tempted to lean in and whisper healing suggestions to their higher mind and tight little muscles. ‘Let go, let it release… No need to hold on so hard, baby, relax, you can heal safely, strong and flexible. Come on, yeah, there you go, purrrrrfect!’

It’s amazing how tightly people hold on with their muscles, without even realising they’re doing it. And completely awesome to feel them let go, relaxing into your hands and melting away the stress.

Love that shit.

4 Responses to “Lucid massage”

  1. Satyr Says:

    *chuckle* I totally agree. From both a giving and receiving perspective, that’s an incredible space to be. We gotta trade bodywork sometime. :)

  2. Zan Says:

    oooh, I could use a massage…

  3. Satyr Says:

    Anytime, sweetheart. And it’ll be better when we’re not cuddled with/massaging other people while folks do sharp-pitched toning nearby! :)

    I will probably still be writing tomorrow, but may get through things early enough to join the sand-dragon project. We’ll see how things go later today.

    Loved sharing the dances with you last night. Look forward to seeing you again. ;)

  4. Zan Says:

    Yeah, I almost asked her to ‘tone’ it down to something more conducive to the cuddle/massage environment, but she was so intense I didn’t think she’d listen!LOL!

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