Dragon festival!

‘Twas the day before I left for Burning Man, so the pics fwooshed through my camera so fast I almost forgot about them in all the whirl of returning…


My mom’s booth came out beautifully. The kids(and adults too) loved it!

It was the Arts In Nature Festival at West Seattle’s little green, hidden oasis, Camp Long.


Mom and her band of dragon musicians wandered about making music and handing out dragon riddles to the kids and Sam and I played on the glacier and the climbing rock and visited the cool installations in the cabins. The hurricane cabin was so cool-an auditory installation, hurricane winds and transformers exploding issuing from a cabin in the woods… Awesome!

The kids had a blast at the end of the festival when they took the ginormous world ball off it’s stand and let them roll it around, which soon became a game of tag, pushing it up the grassy meadow slope, letting go and running like hell as it came back down!


Sam probably would have stayed all day pushing the ball around, especially when kids started lying down in it’s path to let it galumph over them on the way down, but we really had to pack up the booth and call it a day.

Pics, pics, pics!

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