Massagey wierdness

One of my fellow practitioners came into our lounge at work today and collapsed on the couch, looking completely exhausted. She said she didn’t even have the energy to go get lunch. I had a client in five minutes, so though my heart went out to her(I sure know that bone-tired, trainwrecked feeling) I didn’t have much time to offer consolation-or even just a sandwich. So I was glad to see she’d put herself on my schedule.

A recent rear-ending(no actual trains involved) had whiplashed her neck, so I set to work on her unhappy, gluey scalenes(muscles on the front of the neck, to either side of the windpipe). I did some good work on the right, got some loosening and melting happening and then switched over to her left. As I started in, sudden nausea hit me, hard. Chills and that urgent ‘oh shit, if I don’t get down on the floor right away I’m gonna upchuck banana’ feeling. Luckily, she’s a friend and fellow therapist, so I ‘fessed what was up and went to my hands and knees on the floor.

It passed quickly, but the moment I started in on her neck again-GRUH!-Back on the floor.

So… We moved on to her legs. No problem. The nausea episode was over.

Phewph. Our conclusion: She needs to go see her chiropractor(she’s been procrastinating) and I need to work on being a little less empathic.


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  1. Rev. BB Says:

    Hi Zan,
    You may have reached a new level of sensitivity in your work.
    You might need to create a device for “dumping’ negative energies out.
    At our reiki circle I have a process of sweeping off my hands and arms and dropping the negative fluff into either:
    a bowl of dry sea salt crystals
    a selenite crystal I carry ( you have a shiny white wand one)
    the fireplace which is usually burning
    If I dont do this I find pain or cramps from the client stick to me.
    Also ALWAYS wash your hands in cold running water afterwards so any charge is removed immediately. Thus spoke BB

  2. Zan Says:

    Yes mom.


  3. Satyrblade Says:

    Wow. Had a similar experience a few months back, after working on a friend who was detox fasting. A few hours later, I felt like I’d been run over by a truck – aches, shakes, nausia, migrane, awful. I mentioned it to her later. She scolded me for not sheilding and grounding better. She was right. I’ve made a point of grounding and sheilding before and after bodywork, even with good friends… hell, ESPECIALLY with good friends! :)

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