The way out

‘In any situation or state of mind you are in, there is always a point of heat, and we experience that as pain. But actually it’s just heat, and that’s what Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche calls the “Great Eastern Sun”. It’s a place where reality is coming up above the horizon, where it is dawning, and that becomes our point of orientation. So, I’m not saying to look for suffering, but I am saying that you have to look for the heat. There’s a huge area of self-satisfaction and then there is this area where there is a crack in the door of the ego. And there is this bright light coming in and it’s very irritating and it’s not pleasant, but that’s what you have to look for. You are looking for it not because there is anything great about suffering, but because that’s the way out.
I had a friend who was in a plane crash a number of years ago and she said that when the plane crashed it was pitch dark and the whole thing was on fire, and then someone saw a crack of light and said: “The light is over there!” and that is how they saved themselves, because somebody saw this light.
That’s what we have to do. We have to look for the crack in the shell of the ego where there’s a bright light coming through. It is too bright and it’s irritating and it’s painful, but that’s the way out.’

Reginald Ray(an excerpt in Halfway up the Mountain, by Marianna Caplan)

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  1. Satyrblade Says:

    Yeah. I hear ya.

    Found the light myself this past week. Danced it out like a crazy person last night. Up till last Saturday, though, I was seriously darkness-bound. Glad it’s passed. Hope yours is as well.


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