Dark Fairies and their foxy boy sacrifice

Dark fairies

OHMYGOD! Nick finally got his photos to me!

Hot damn, did they ever come out fantabufrickinfingerlickinliscious!

This is the photoshoot of the Halloween performance Cody, Paul and I did. Two wicked(if somewhat silly) forest fairies discover a cute boy in their woods and capture him for their ritual.

Dark Fairies and their foxy boy sacrifice

We dragged him onstage, muffled in a blanket and tied hand and foot, spread him out, ‘drugged’ him with fairy wine from our carven silver pitcher and decorated him gleefully in fruit…

Then Sophia-a fairy of a much higher caliber of dark knowledge, brings us a pomagranite-eeeeeee!(pomagranites are a well-known fairy intoxicant and aphrodisiac)… We’re scared, and excited and the excitement wins! We tear the luscious sparkling fruit into spattering, mouth-watering pieces and devour it, becoming more and more inebriated, turning to our sacrificial boy, we go wild, smashing fruit all over him, pouring wine on his body, top to toe, licking and grasping… Then grabbing the wine jug(forgetting we’ve drugged it) we pour it into each other’s mouths and giggle-just before passing out on top of him.

The three of us lie there, in a tangled sticky heap, until Paul wakes up and gasps at the sight of fruit and fairies sprawled all over him-waking us up too, we freak out and leap up, fluttering and flittering about the stage, trying to escape…

We rush to the edge of the stage, holding onto each other, looking back at him for a flustered moment-he stares at us, assessing the situation and his realization of what must have occurred spreads a slow grin across his face-we shriek and run, he chases us off stage!


It was such a sumptuous fabulous night.

Goddamn, the pics are hot.

Thanks Nick. And thanks, Cody and Paul, you guys are such awesome friends-and so foxy and fun and delovely to dance with.

3 Responses to “Dark Fairies and their foxy boy sacrifice”

  1. Atiron Says:

    Yummy pictures… I wish I could have seen it live…

  2. Zan Says:

    Thanks luv. It was a delicious night. Can’t wait for the Red Show! ;)

  3. Satyr Says:

    Wow. Sexy pictures, sexy people, and an incredibly sexy premise. Well done!

    I’ve really gotta get back to the Little Red…

    BTW, have you heard that I’m going to be moving here in January? I got a teaching position at the Art Institute (where I’ve already been teaching classes), and… well, I’ll send you an e-mail with further details as well.

    Lovely pictures! Thanks!


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