Scrumptious weekend, part one: The Gargoyling.

I had a thoroughly delicious weekend.

My new paramour{blush}, Delayne, came to town and I turned him into a gargoyle at the Little Red Studio’s Black Show.


It was such a luscious evening… The show was terrific, with the gorgeous Mz Sophia flying high in her sumptuous bondage aerial act with the incredibly ropetastic Jim Duvall, amazing performances by Nan as the angel of Death and all kindsa yummy booty-shakin’. Not that we witnessed much of the show-we were too busy luxuriating in the gargoyliscious transformation. I’d spent the previous weeks creating a set of black silk tattered wings and horns affixed to a black wig fashioned into dread braids entwined with dead morning glory vines. During the opening tableau of the show, I painted Delayne with clay slip while he perched on a pedestal. As I covered each part of him, he froze into stone, bit by bit. It was exquisite and well, damnably hot-despite the coldness of the slippery, gooey clay. I LOVE how it all worked out… We got tons of compliments, he in his clay and I in my red wig and white gauze wrap bound on with red bondage twine. I think I pulled off looking all solemn and mournful too, stifling my giggles of surreptitious mirth and delight at turning a stone sculptor into a stone sculpture. ;)

See more delectable Delayne here.

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  1. Norita Says:

    Pretty pictures! YAY!

    Again, well done on the gargoyle transformation. The show was awesome and Dalayne is a real keeper (and such a hottie).

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