Toad blob goes a’courting

on the twelfth day of chistmas my toad blob gave to me…
twelve lemmings leaping,
eleven lizards creeping,
ten timebombs ticking,
nine babies blasting,
eight brains-a-splatting,
seven swamis sinning,
six gourds-a-glorping,
five moooooooooldy kings,
four stinking turds,
three broken pens,
two dirty gloves,
and a porcupine in a cemetary!

2 Responses to “Toad blob goes a’courting”

  1. Colin Fossey Says:


  2. Zan Says:

    Hehe. More like Halloween I s’pose, but I guess that all depends… I think Toad Blob just knows what Samfrog likes.

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