6 tons is a lotta dirt

I’m one tired, dirty puppy tonight.

My sweet friend Cara(professional ’scaper) is generously helping me landscape the front beds at my son’s school. The dumptruck plopped down 6 tons of soil this afternoon and we shoveled and shoveled and shoveled and hauled and hauled and hauled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow up to the cement wall, where it took both of us to heft the thing up over the edge and dump. It wouldn’t have been quite so much work if the silly ass bed wasn’t brimfull of hard-packed ‘beauty’ bark, for some misbegotten reason deposited on top of plastic, laid on top of a nasty mixture of clay, rocks and concrete chunks-I guess they really didn’t want ANYTHING to grow in the bed, including the poor, pathetic, half-dead boxwoods we had to dig out. So, first we filled the upper bed with soil, then started excavating the beauty bark from the lower bed and breaking the rocklike chunks into spreadable mulch for the upper.

We got about halfway through the mountain when it got dark on us… Sigh. Another 3 tons to schlump tomorrow.


But it’s gonna be purty when ’tis done!

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