Birthday delights

I may be one dirtass po’ starvin’ artist, but I’m richer than Gates and Buffett put together when it comes to sterling friends, precious family, sparklovely gifts and… Lovely, blank white canvases aching to be splooshed with luscious color-thanks to my rockin’ momma!

My birthday eve, I celebrated butohlisciously with my kickass girlfriends Cody, Sharon and Rita-and Sheri, somewhat vicariously, as she was fully in butoh mode and probably didn’t even know I was there. :) Love you Sheri, you are a truly amazing dancer.


We wandered around the downtown artwalk scene, committing impromptu acts of streetcorner performance brilliance(Go Sharon!) yakkin’, debating the mostly dubious merits of the dismayingly popular buttplugugly art and taking random pictures perched in strange places.


Aaaah… Sweet girl time.

Today, the actual day that my long-suffering momma pushed me out into this bizarre world as my anxious sister grated the heads off of the roses my dad bought against the hospital wall, I painted and painted and painted! Yayz! Then I ran out of canvas..

..An’ my generous momma took me to the art store where I piled mountains of pretty white squares and rectangles on our cart, all innocently agleam in their shiney plastic wrap, waiting in eager anticipation, or perhaps, silent trepidation for me to take them home and despoil them.


I am one lucky, lucky woman.


Thank you all, for the birthday love.

6 Responses to “Birthday delights”

  1. atiron Says:

    *hugs* Such great fun. I wouldn’t have missed it!

  2. Zan Says:

    Thanks luv. So glad you came-the cookies rock too!


  3. sheri Says:

    Zan, Zan, I love you so, so much… your magic and sweetness buoys me and those around you. Thank you for the kind words and including me vicariously in your party. Happiness abounds that you were born and thrive!

    Love youuuuuu!

  4. sharon Says:

    Why is it that even on your birthday, I feel like the begifted one?
    How lucky we all are for your entrance into this world (the earth surely shook!), and into each of ours… I love you so very much, Heartsister…

  5. Satyr Says:

    Much LOVE to the Birthday Zan and her Momma!


  6. Zan Says:

    Thanks my dears.

    Oh, and I don’t know about the earth shaking, but my mom says there WAS a comet flying by as I was born. :)

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