The Art of Nourishment

Sharon’s site is up!


(nice job Ellen, on the webbery and illustration!)

Go, flock to her! Bring her your aches, pains, ailments and most especially, your unhappy tummies… You’ll be glad you did. Her sweet, gentle, delicious combination of acupuncture, massage and nutrition is just the thing for bellies(and whole bodies) in need.

Aaaaah, balance, love, healing.

Hurray Sharon!

2 Responses to “The Art of Nourishment”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hey, I recognize this! :) Aw, you are an endless source of nourishment, for my belly, and all of my other parts… Thank you. Much love, my friend…

  2. Zan Says:


    Entirely mutual, o’ course. It’s so nice to see your site up and running!

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