foxes and birdy

Lurking about in the forest at the Islandwood Environpalooza festival last weekend was a blast! My mom was a bird(no surprise there), Maris most becomingly,

owl and fox

became an owl and Sam and I were frisky, growly foxes-

foxy foxes

-playing king/queen o’ every rock and stump in the place.


It was a hoot(ow-sorry), prowling past festival-goers on the forest trails, skulking behind stumps and haunting the gorgeous tree house in the marshes.

What a lovely place!

More pics of wild things and ferry foxes here.

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  1. BB Says:

    Our Zodiac family seems to be morphing into a new species -
    and why not? That’s evolution…..delightful bloggation,
    O frisky Zan!

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