WOOOHOOOO! I can’t wait!

The Little Red Studio Art A Thon is my favorite LRS event of the year-So psyched to paint, sculpt, dance, bodypaint and wang dang doodle all night long! :)

Here’s what our Illustrious Leader Jeff says:

Next up is the Art A Thon.

The party starts at 9PM this Saturday night. Its $20. No host wine bar as usual. Lots of great complimentary nosch. At midnight we will have a silly ceremony to officiate the art making. Dancing until we drop to several of LRS’s rock’en DJ’s. There will be no admission charge after midnight. There will also be a massage station. Wow!

Art making all night and all day Sunday until 7PM when we will have a little closing ceremony followed by an infomal art show/sale until we drop.

Kim is offering a pancake breakfast for a Pay-what-you-can basis Sunday morning.

Espresso drinks will be $2 for everyone but free for artists of all stripes from midnight to noon on Sunday.

The gallery has been cleaned and re-painted and the walls left blank. I will be curating a show of art throughout the event. I want to include photos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, ass prints whatever. Only “art” that is made during the art a thon. The gallery will be open as much as possible throughout the event.

And most important of all, get your clay, your paint, your film, your tiara and tutu or whatever you need to make art of all kinds ready for this marathon of art making. The idea for this event is based on the idea that the muse of art speaks more freely when the personality of the artist is too tired to get in the way. Let’s see what happens!

I am personally very jazzed for this event. Last year I was able to bond with our new space and many of the troupe members new and old. I also made some fantastic art. This year the place is even nicer, there are more spaces to create in and there are lots of new people who I am hoping will be there to share the time, space and energy with.


I completely agree with him-it was a luscious experience last year and I’m sooooo looking forward to it.

Love what he says about the muse speaking more freely when the personality of the artist is too tired to get in the way.


If you’re in, or near Seattle, don’t miss it!!!


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