Iceking and Crabqueen

I pried myself away from my mad painting frenzy for a sweet weekend tryst with the Ice King.

We wandered beaches, defied hail and snow, scrambled up rocky rooty cliffs, stood giant driftwood snags on end,


worshipped gnarled trees, majestic waterfalls, tangled roots, each other… Rolled kegs around all weekend, wandered through scarey shopping malls vainly searching for tubs, made a water-catching frame

ice mask

to hold his gorgeous ice mask, movie-snuggled, sang, danced, partied, ate sushi and gigantic omelets, discovered that his new bedframe squeaks like a pirate ship in a hurricane.. and abandoned it for a sunny, mossy, snowy mountainside. :)

Oh, and since someone forgot to mention that the party was a masquerade, I haphazardly cobbled together a mask out of a crabshell and other beach flotsam.. Fortunately, they had mask blanks available at the party.

crab mask

Aaaarh! Good times, excellent inspiration..

-Back to work now, much twisty turny rooty dryadic goodness to paint!


Oh, more pics flickring here.

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