Aaaah, Artathon.


The LRS Artathon was so delicious, dazzling, fun and fulfilling. I painted(canvases and bodies), sculpted, danced, snuggled, met awesome artists, gaped at gorgeous/hilarious performances, savoured scrumptious Kim snacks and generally foxed and frolicked the night away.

Two major bodypaintings emerged-the first was truly a first, Jim bound Sophia in a terribly sacriligious and sexy crucifixion-like suspension. So, I painted her while she hung from the ceiling! It was intense and despite my nefarious tendency to enjoy the squeals(nobody squeals like Sophie) she made as the cold paint went on, the experience underlined my serious lack of topness. ;) Still waiting on the pretty, pretty pics from the folks who took ‘em.

The second was one of my very favorite moments, Rita and I’d crashed out in the warm heights of the DJ loft around 4am… We woke up all snugglyhappy a little before 8, to early morning sounds of sleepy conversations, grinned happily at each other, hopped down the ladder, gathered my paints and took over the main stage for a lovely, dreamy Fire and Water bodypainting session while Donn played guitar and sang us accompaniment.


So luscious.


Thank you Rita, lovely Rita. And thank you, succulent Sophia and Jim and Kim(damn that mango salsa was the bomb!) and Lucy and Cher and Courtnee(so good to see you radiant and blooming) and Kerry and Clayton… To all the wonderful people I shared precious, inspired moments with and of course to Jeff-our rockin’ chieftain!

Bummed I missed the closing ceremony, but I had a nice goofy sunday evening at home with silly, awesome kids and I just felt so juiced and ‘xhausted at the same time. A particularly delightful feeling of tired and wired and just so GODDAMN HAPPY to know you’re all out there doing your wacky, wild, wonderful thing.

More salacious dreams of fire and water here.

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