Beltaine beauties

My friend Danni asked me to do a bodypainting performance(or two, or three…) at a fabulous fundraiser party she put together for Bloop last weekend!

Woot! What a party! Trays of lobster, smoked salmon and fine chocolates floated about, the music was awesome, the drinks amazing and truly libidinous, the dance floor was rockin’ and there was massage and all kinds of snuggly, kissin’ corners as Bloop is famous for… ;)

It was so much fun to bodypaint to the delicious sounds of Heather on the harp and John on cello, plus some foxy, stripey girl who joined in all impromptulicious on her violin. :)

Rita was my first victim(sorry the lighting is gawdawful).


Then later on, after we’d liberally sampled the loverly cocktails, it was time for Matt and Eva to step up-so much fun to paint a couple together! They swiftly became Beltaine cherry trees and Molly read a scientifically sexy poem while I added the finishing touches-embellishing Eva’s nipple ring barbells with cherry red paint. :)


Much dancing later, Chris caught me on my way towards the door, a sweet thing in his wake, begging for paint… I couldn’t leave a lovely lady unsatisfied, so Cicci got her beltaine fire(again, the lighting sucked for pictures.. Sorry) lit.


More beautiful beltaine bodies here.

2 Responses to “Beltaine beauties”

  1. Satyr Says:

    Lovely! Man, moving on Beltane sucks. :)


  2. Zan Says:

    Aw, poor boy. :)

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