My show, my SHOW!!!

It’s almost here!


If you’re in Seattle May 18th, come and see what my three month long painting frenzy has yielded. :)

Sunday, May 18th, 1 to 6pm

You are joyously invited to ‘Invoking Drala’ at the Little Red Studio Gallery. The art of Zan Edson and Sophie Brunet.

Trees, roots, rocks, earth, water… The natural world calls me and collects me, bringing my often furiously swirling human mind back to the moment, back to the breath filling my chest, the ferns tickling my legs, the warm rock, or rough bark against my cheek.

In celebration of this intimate, priceless, abundant, endless source of connection and in gratitude to Drala(a Tibetan word for natural magic or the spirits of nature), I’ve created a series of paintings and sculptures.

My friend Sophie Brunet will be gracing us with her Industrial series-paintings of crumbling industrial spaces-which both compliment and contrast the rooty glory of mine and remind us that beauty is also found in the least likely places.

Please come and enjoy! The opening will be from 1 to 6pm,with performances beginning at 5pm, so stop by at your leisure to peruse the art from 1 to 5 and stay if you like, for some amazing dance, music and poetry. Refreshments will be provided by Chef Kim, so they’re sure to be yummy! :)


Invoking Drala
Sunday, May 18th, 1 to 6pm
The Little Red Studio Gallery
406 Dexter Ave N

3 Responses to “My show, my SHOW!!!”

  1. BB Says:

    hey-nice theme and image-well the happy clock is ticking…now if I can get my car fixed, I’ll be ready to help out!
    Weather should be great all week.
    Tally Ho!

  2. Zan Says:

    Good luck with your car, momma! :)

  3. Colin Fossey Says:

    Sorry, wont be able to make it what with being 5000 miles or so away, but have a great exhibition and post some great pics on Flickr!

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