Stone stacking wizardry

Had an exsqueezeite visit with Delayne earlier this week. He popped in to attend my show and stayed to help me celebrate and decompress(and finish up all the chocolate and cherries *mmmmmmm*…) for a few days.

Aaaaah, such glorious good times.

Sam and I took him to Discovery Park’s delicious north beach-land of lovely beach snags, driftwood logs perfect for scrambling across, clay cliffs(just the thing for an explosion-minded lad, like my Sam), flotsam(including several interesting dead creatures), insanely hoppy bugs and lots and lots of excellent stackable stones.


D is an expert of stackology-or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the man is deeply attuned to rocks of all sorts(this astonishing affinity is also evidenced by his luscious stone sculptures) and Sam and I were amazed and delighted by the delicate, precarious balancing acts he coaxed his rocks into performing.


Even more fun when we turned about(quite abruptly, when D rather nonchalantly sounded the ‘wonder if our packs have drowned yet?’ alarm) and saw the tide had come in and made the stone towers into islands-and soaked one of our packs!


Fortunately, it didn’t drench the one with the camera and all in all, it was a wonderful day.

More pretty rocks and log scrambling here.

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