Bad costumes, Good pizza!

Ben and Rita had a ridiculously fun party last night.

The theme was terrible costumes and great homemade pizza. Ben used his amazing sourdough to create the pizza crust and we all brought a multitude of yummy toppings.


Sam and I had a blast dressing up hideously for the event, as you can see. We fit in smashingly with the rest of the fashion atrocities.


When we weren’t sucking Ben(spiffy turquoise slacks and all) into the puppy puddle on the couch, Sam persuaded Rita to spend much of the evening boinging on the giant trampoline behind the house, extravagantly topped pizzas kept popping out of the oven, a crazy cacophonous jam session developed in the music room and we held a nun chucking tower demolition in the living room.

A most excellent party. More pics…


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  1. Atiron Says:

    Well documented.

    ‘Twas great fun jumping on the trampoline and snuggling into large cuddle puddles. Mmmm…

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