For Svadesh


I made this heart for Svadesh, my friend and meditation/massage teacher. He had a heart attack last friday. He’s recovering well, but I figured he could use a little heart strengthening energy. The yellow irises striped it sweetly with their lovely shadows.

It’s been a strange week, Sam’s summer vacation started this week, but he came home from his dad’s sick.. Then my mom’s message about Svadesh(I hooked her up with his extraordinary massages a while back and they’ve become good friends) and today, a kitty emergency-Kaya, my mom’s kitty who used to be ours, had to be rushed to the kitty critical care.

Apparently she’d tried to eat a barbed seedpod and the darn thing bit her back!-it was working it’s way up into her nasal cavity-yikes!

Anyway, man and cat survived and Sam is sniffly but on the road to recovery, making strange origami things on the bed whilst I blog…

So, on we go with this precious, messy, fragile, silly thing called life.

2 Responses to “For Svadesh”

  1. BB Says:

    it’s great when a kind friend can make you a new heart! Sweet!
    yes yesterday was a soul tester and a hankie box day for me-
    but it does give one perspective on the sweep and blessings
    we of life. Treasure the moment !

  2. Zan Says:

    I hear ya, momma.

    Love, love, love to your brave and tender heart.

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