I had a fabulous tween weekend.

Sam and I missed Rowan’s birthday last week, so we celebrated(and said goodbye to her for the summer) by having an all weekend campout in the backyard.

Thanks to Jim’s palatial tent, we all had our own rooms too-perfect for privacy and connection, teleportation optional, but highly recommended. :)

It was blazing hot, so we filled the hot tub with cold water and the kids tested their Popsicle Samurai endurance skilz.

cold tub

What a full weekend! We went to WALL-E(good movie that), took the Bday girl manga shopping, tromped around town in search of desserts… There was marshmallow-roasty bonfires, late-nite manga madness, stormy gusts blustering the tent, giggly morning conversations about god, the universe and everything and a lovely trip to the Dobyn’s trampoline.


Where Rowan trounced us all with the sheer power of HAIR.

M’kehla chopped hers off halfway through the weekend, to emerge looking all cute and shorn and elegant. Fortunately, Rowan has enough hair for all of ‘em and then some.


And, apparently(according to Sam) it has rejuvenative powers. It wouldn’t surprise me-she could put the fear of hair unto a horde of rastafarians.

More campin’, trampin’ and hair power here.

2 Responses to “Rowanated!”

  1. Atiron Says:

    Yay! The weekend looks like fun…sorry to have missed it.

    Great to see Rowen (and her amazing hair) last Tuesday with all y’all!

  2. Zan Says:

    Yeah, we missed ya. :)

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