Olympic peninsula vacation, part one.

Had a fabulous five day getaway out on the gorgeous Olympic peninsula last week.

Sam and I started out with a day in Port Angeles. I really enjoy exploring a new town with my kid. It’s kind of nice to see things from the perspective of a ten year old-especially one who likes the same sort of things I like. :)

We played on the beach for hours, browsed the bookstores(quite a well-book-stocked town, Port Angeles), admired and goofed around with the numerous sculptures that adorn the street and waterfronts


We’d cozied up in our little hotel room near the ferry with stacks of books and drawing materials when the gorgeous golden sunset light came seductively slanting in the window.. Somehow(bagels or chocolate usually work), I managed to persuade the foot-weary Sam to go for another little walk with me to capture the loveliness of the world’s turning.


Sooooo purty.


Back at the hotel, we settled in for a snuggly night of reading chapters(halfway through Tailchaser’s song and finishing up Sea of Monsters) and laughing at the monotonous, incessant chirping of the crossing lights, repeating the same call over and over like some deranged wind-up bird.

It was sweet to go to sleep in our little white room, looking forward to meeting Rita at the bustop after breakfast and Delayne at the ferry in the afternoon.

But that’s the next post…


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