Olympic peninsula vacation, part four.

Alas, we had to take Delayne back to the ferry on sunday, but that didn’t stop Rita and Sam and I-we kept right on camping and mad-libbing and munching on the bestest trail mix ever.

The next day we said goodbye to the magnificient momma maple,


and detoured on the way home to visit Port Townsend, where Rita treated us to lunch and we ‘xplored the dank and spooky underground bunker at Fort Umwhatsit. Not too mention lazing about on yet another fabulous beach.

I couldn’t resist stacking the lovely round stones.


Rita created an amazing shadow stick woman(see her flickr set) and Sam attempted to bury his very wiggly toes.

Oh, and Rita took this terribly cute picture of me.



5 Responses to “Olympic peninsula vacation, part four.”

  1. CJ Says:

    terribly cure indeed…

  2. Zan Says:


  3. Yoni Says:

    Cute. Yes. ever so ever. can we snuggle? my plane lands Oct 8th at around 8ish, and I’ll be a king in search of some friendly warmth.

  4. Zan Says:

    Here in Seattle?! LORD YES! I’ll roll out the red carpet, or at least the purple velvet bedspread. :)

  5. Yoni Says:

    mmm purple velvet…. can’t wait.

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