The Flowers Before I’m Gone

My friend Svadesh wrote this poem in response to his recent heart attack and the resultant outpouring of love and protest from his friends. I must say, we’re awfully glad his mortal conglomeration decided to stay conglomerate for a while longer. As conglomerations go, ’tis one of the very finest.


I didn’t know before it happened

You brought the flower to my door

My funeral had begun

The voices intoning their concern—

Their love.

On the gurney you don’t know

Your fate, the part of breath you’ll be next hour

The mechanical magician working on my form

While I watch the rivers and brooks of my heart

On television

And then,

Back into this body once again

Feeling the life

The way I like it.

Your emotions and thoughts trekking through unseen space

Touch me tenderly with that feeling we all know so well

And forget and remember … again and again.

Thank you dear friends

No wake for this mortal conglomeration now

The funeral has been delayed so further experience

I may gather on the soul’s path into the great unknown.


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