If you don’t hear from me soon..

..please send a rescue mission into the dark, clammy bowels of the garage to excavate whatever’s left of my grisly remains from the rapacious maw of the gigantic junkmonster.

Sigh. Where’s Don Quixote when I need him? He’d soon send the looming piles of files, masks, paint, massage cushions, wings, sketchbooks, carpet remnants and other detritus skittering back to the hell from whence they oozed!

Accumulation is surely the eighth deadly sin.


3 Responses to “If you don’t hear from me soon..”

  1. atiron Says:

    The eighth deadly sin, indeed!

  2. Zan Says:

    It nearly keeled me, but I’m seven boxes less junked. ;)

  3. BB Says:

    Couragio my Warrioress of the Arts!
    did ya find the Waterfall Dragon?
    I got so inspired about your dragon boat hammock idea I’m working on one to hang at the Arts
    in Nature fair.
    Good luck and have big lunch.

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