A glory of sand

Had a sweet, sweet weekend up in Vancouver.

Delayne was carving sand into a rollercoaster for the PNE and I got to assist him and meet the rest of the team-what a great, goofy, talented bunch! It was so fun, the sand is amazing-so fine and silty and perfect for shaping. It holds it’s form exquisitely too. Such a joy to work with and so cool to learn new techniques and use all the clever tools(other than my own two hands!).

We made a little forest on the side of the rollercoaster, which I populated with birds and a rabbit.


Unfortunately, I was too absorbed to take many pictures, but Delayne snapped some, so hopefully he will get ‘em to me(nudge, nudge) and I’ll show y’alls later.

Despite an SUV vs. train wreck that caused my bus to sit(with me in it) for TWO HOURS at the King St Station before departing, much drenching rain and a certain lack of privacy(ahem), it was a succulent and rejuvenating trip and I daydreamed of sandy goodness, of smooth jazz and salty, sun-bronzed muscles, of the superfox waitress serving us luscious mussels in her tiny, slinky, sequined, suspendered minidress while we kissed and spun tales, all the long busride home.

Man, oh man, I needed that.

Life is gooooooood.


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  1. atiron Says:

    Yay! Lovely pictures!

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