Sam’s dancing people–created from one square of paper, no cuts, no tape, at the farm.

A few months ago I found a book of wierd, amazing and ridiculous origami and Sam has been working on them as his skilz increase. He also made the dragon and interlocking rings and the invisible duck-although he didn’t have any invisible paper, so the duck, unfortunately, can be seen and looks more like a wobbly baby dragon.

2 Responses to “Samigami”

  1. BB Says:

    WOW-that’s a fine samagami of two dancers! and the farm adventure pics were
    great fun too. That donkey is so happy to be loved, and what colorful goat faces.
    Good times to round off summer.

  2. Atiron Says:

    Wow! That is seriously cool. Sam’s really getting good at those origami!

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