A sweet beach afternoon with Sam and Rowan..

Carkeeky goodness

Led to the creation of a bizarre articulated sand worm that Rowan says looks like a Pokemon-eeep!


Then the tide came whizzing in and we had to abandon the worm to the inexorable fate of all sand creations as we retreated to a more expansive part of the beach. Soon, the lovely miss Rita joined us and I made her a troll foot and built a small crowd of little rock people watching the multitude of parasailors leaping in and out of the water, with varying degrees of skill.

By and by, to my delight, Delayne made it into town(after much harrassment at customs-forgetting his passport didn’t help, but they never can resist f—ing with his irrepressible inner coyote) and restored the kidz swiftly drooping spirits with delicious sparkly beverages. :)

A brilliant launching point for a scrumptious week. :)

Pics in the usual location.

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