Autumn zephyrs

I love these crisp, delicious Autumn days and nights… The fog burning off to let the sun caress the glowing scarlet and gold embers of the deciduous trees and the blustering winds tossing the leaves about every which way. The punkins and squashes and soups. The harvest moon and the convocations of crows.

Kim asked me to do a bodypainting performance for the Little Red Studio’s Sensual Repast and Rita agreed to come be my canvas, so I covered her in leaves and crows rejoicing in the copper moon. :)


More leaves blowing about her back..


Yum. Then we got to feast on Kim’s delicious Repast. Scrumptious punkin soup, phat crab cakes and meltingly luscious lamb legs.. I had to run home after the main course to hang with my kiddo, so I missed the Erotic Haunted House and dessert, but it was a lovely evening, nonetheless.


Flickr’d set here.

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