Thank you Vickie! I can blog again!(happy blogger dance)

Phewph-I’ve been unable to access my blog for the last three weeks or so, ever since my ‘puter and I got hit by a nasty virus.

What a relief!

Expect lots of posts, soon! Along with all the pretty pictures I couldn’t upload because my camera got run over while sledding-what’s with the rotten technokarma lately anyway?


2 Responses to “YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!”

  1. Atiron Says:

    Who’s going to be my personal photographer now that the camera has been run over?

    Speaking of pictures, I just got the birthday party flickred. Woot!

  2. Zan Says:

    GAWD, I miss it already! Guess we’ll just have to switch roles, until I get me a new camera! :)

    WOOOOOOOT indeed. You are on the ball, girl.

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