Ravens in the Library

Go buy this amazing anthology!

It’s a benefit for my favorite traveling folksinger, SJ Tucker aka SOOJ. She’s in the hospital without insurance, facing horrifically ginormous medical bills.

My friend Satyr has pulled some mighty strings and rallied a mind-bogglingly exciting parade of amazing writers and artists(including big names like Neil Gaiman, Amy Brown, Charles de Lint, Catherynne M. Valente and Laurell K Hamilton-not too mention himself and my friend Ben Dobyns-woot!) to put together a truly stunning anthology of tales.

You can also help SOOJ by buying some of her awesome cds here.

And, if you’re really feeling the generosity, you can donate here and for donations of $100 or more, I will personally throw in one of my famous ‘Feed your Inner Dragon’ t-shirts. For $1000 or more, I’ll handcarve an SJ Tucker plaque.

You know you want it. :)

2 Responses to “Ravens in the Library”

  1. Atiron Says:

    Ben Dobyns…that’s my husband…tehehehe…

    Sorry, still kindof geeking out about my hubbie getting published with such big names…and for such a good cause. Yays all around!

  2. Zan Says:

    hehehe, hells yeah-it’s freakin’ cool! :)

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