My dying day

Last week, I was walking on promontory point in Magnusson Park and I noticed the madronas had shed a multitude of lovely coppery curls. It cast my memory back, way back when, in summer when Seb took us on foraging hike. She’d said that you could make a dye with madrona bark… Ooooooh… Said my brain(and yes, my brain does speak in bold italics when she’s excited about something). :)

So, bark in hand:


I hied away home and bubbled and boiled the pretty curls in salted water(according to an onion skin recipe which was the closest I could come on the ‘nets),


adding vinegar at the end for good measure.. The result was disappointingly pale brownishness, so I added some terra cotta clay and redyed the items(including a pair of Sam’s socks ‘cuz he wanted something dyed too and the only white things he owns are sox-no whities for my boy!).

I was rather surprised that we didn’t get that gorgeous rich madrona copper color, but well content with the beautiful cafe au lait of my new pjs! :)


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah… :)

More dying pics here.

2 Responses to “My dying day”

  1. BB Says:

    What a neat project- you clothe yourself in he colors of nature and the energy of
    a tree- now that’s magic! Hope Sam’s socks pleased him…

  2. Zan Says:

    Yeah, ’twas fun. Sadly, Sam’s socks just look kind of dirty. :)

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