In which I’m Superwoman AND a tooth-losing, ol’ baglady.

Wacky dream last night. I was Superwoman, in my not-so-secret identity as Helen Trager. I walked into a classroom of students(about middle school age), where I was supposed to encourage them to continue on in school, even though the schools in their area were closing. I told them I’d help them find a way to go, even if I had to fly the bus there myself. :) They were very excited to have Superwoman in their classroom and persuaded me to unbutton my sweater and show them the big, shiney, yellow and red S on my tank top.

One sweet, dark-haired boy was very upset, his best friend had died.. I cried with him and told him about how when my mother died, she was cremated before I even knew she was dead. A sassy, cute hoodie-wearing girl came in in the middle of the class. We had a great, funny conversation about skipping school intelligently. Then my consciousness shifted into a shabby older woman who was sitting nearby. She/I was dressed in raggedy layers and her/my teeth were loose. As they fell out, into my hand, I saw with shocked wonder, that they were grey, like small pebbles and coated with green scum, chipping off like paint.

Maybe it’s time to go to the dentist? :)

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  1. kiwimike Says:

    Wow, way weird dreams…

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