My 39th Birthday and Fifth Annual Naked Human Party!

I love threes and nines, so 39 is simply the most exquisite number EVER. Obviously, my 39th birthday had to be something special. ;)

Therefore, I combined it with my annual Naked Human party. Everyone brought tons of gawdjis clothes, we made a humongous pile and dove in. The party was so much fun, it just sort of ran itself! None of the performances I’d planned happened-but there was plenty of spontaneous performing ‘midst all the talking, snuggling, playing, trying oning and giggling.

Brenda sings
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Brenda Belcher serenaded us with her lovely songs(when Zola wasn’t licking her face).

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Sean made magic with his mesmerizing balls.

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Yonatan stole our hearts with his shy debutante act… And then stole my hat. Again.

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Danni and Cody had us bustin’ a gut with their hilarious body-part-mash-up(Cody is the legs, Danni the top). There were really too many lovely performances to snap pictures of… Mai Li sang to us and told us ridiculous jokes, Juliet and Drew gave an awesome poem/montage of quotes, sweaters were cut into leg-warmers———-

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———-and we feasted on delicious foodstuffs. Rita made me an awesome grapefruit cake-yum! My lentil stew turned out divinely although it was a new recipe and I de-baconated it in favor of my veggitastic friends. Everyone scored loverly new clothes and we all had fun rummaging through the pile…

Such a glorious birthday! Thanks so much all y’alls, you’re amazing. Such a rich, lucky woman am I, to have such fantastic friends and community!

More pictures here.

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    I’m SOOOO HOT!

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