I save the day-almost.

The location: The concrete and steel open air amphitheatre on top of a ridiculously high skyscraper. Or perhaps my bed, since that’s where I was, when I dreamt this wacky, convoluted concoction last night.

Scene one: An earthquake is about to happen, my mom, a bunch of other people and I are rushing about, trying to climb out of the amphitheatre in the safest manner possible, looking for a place to hold on, where nothing will fall on us, in the hopes that the skyscraper will withstand the earthquake and we will be able to evacuate to safety. We scramble up to a higher level as things begin to shake with that strange rythmic rolling of a major earthquake. A few structures fall and I realize that the whole thing is likely to go soon. I somehow(it’s almost impossible to keep my balance with the quaking of the surface underfoot) make my way over to where the woman in charge of the evacuation is ordering people about. She’s in uniform and seems urgent, but very calm and efficient. I volunteer to take a message to Canyon City, the spacestation above us, to beg for help. She sees me to the chute and as I begin to slide into the clear tube I remember that I’ll need her numerals to connect her with the rescue team. I shout back to her and she writes them in code and hands them to me. I slip into the gelly like tube, momentarily afraid that I won’t be able to breathe-but somehow I don’t need to or just can-when I look at what’s in my hand and panic! She wrote the numbers on a piece of bread! Holy shit, it’s crumbling to bits! I try to memorize the sequence as it disintegrates, but some of the symbols are completely unfamiliar… It’s gone.

Scene two: I come shooting out of the tube into the bustle of a busy intersection, people and vehicles are zooming about and I take a moment to orient myself and figure out where the Canyon City connection is. A couple of bicyclists point me in the right direction and get in the tube behind me(sans bikes). This tube spits us out right in front of the mouth of the space station passenger tube. I look around and see a truck being loaded onto the space station vehicle tube, ready to be shot up into the sky and I’m stunned. Is this really how it’s done? I look at the passenger tube and see the other end, slanting straight up and then ending abruptly in mid air.. Yep. We get shot right out the end like a cannon ball! Jesus, God! I can’t do this. No way can I do this! The woman cyclist looks at me in slightly irritated sympathy and says: ‘It’s easy enough, once you’re used to it.’ She goes to show me and the dream either ends or I can’t remember any more of it…

What the hell? :)

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  1. BB Says:

    Hi Zan,
    Dream triggers:There is currently a large series of eruptions going on at Mt. Redoubt in Alaska -
    you may be subliminally feeling them.

    Prt two:
    Seems like an overview of the rebirthing process with other folks also being reborn
    and some secret mantra given you by a guide…post-modern reincanations!

  2. Zan Says:

    Interesting about the eruptions, for sure. I hadn’t thought of the birth angle. Could be.. It seemed more like present life situation panic, but who knows with reincarnations and secret dissappearing messages! :)

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