Carkeek’s twisty ol’ apple orchard

Sam and I ‘xplored the other(not towards beachy goodness) end of Carkeek park a few weeks ago.

Much to our delight we found a gnarly old orchard where many of the ancient, twisty apple and pear trees had slipped lazily down onto the ground and were still growing, sideways in lovely loopy patterns.

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There was much climbing and basking and adventuring along the windy stream with it’s lovely mossy rocks and perfect walking logs..

sam log
(click to see the weird expression on Sam’s face)

I added this bunch o’ pics to my Carkeek set on Flickr.

Ah, what a beautiful world!

2 Responses to “Carkeek’s twisty ol’ apple orchard”

  1. BB Says:

    This place sounds like a scene I must have for my book…let’s go there some sunny day!

  2. Zan Says:

    Definitely. I’m sure Sam will be happy to show you around.. :)

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