..and the PI!

The fame continues-at least for my hand and Rita’s lovely back. :)

3 Responses to “..and the PI!”

  1. BB Says:

    this is nice photo for your portfolio of bodypainting- kinda ctches the moment of painting on skin…

  2. Graumagus Says:

    I looked through all the Slog pics, and it looked like a damn good time. That said, (and I’m not just stroking your ego) you and Rita seemed to have the most artistic exhibit out of what was pictured. Granted, I wasn’t there and your body painting can be captured far easier in a still photo than a piece of performance art without as much visual flair….

    Then again, maybe I just dig nekkid women covered in paint :)

  3. Zan Says:

    Purr, purr, purrrrr… Oh wait, you’re not stroking my ego. ;)

    Seriously though, thanks, I’m told it’s a very pretty thing to watch as well as to view as a finished work. It’s certainly fun to see my models ‘wear’ their dresses for the afterparty!

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