City Unicorns

The greens are grotty and the virgins hard to find, but apparently unicorns are alive and well, hiding out in Seattle’s ratty alleys and needle-infested parks. Magically thriving on a largely dumpster-foraged diet, these radiant mystical creatures have retained their sparkle and are much given to prancing, ethereal soul-gazing and rainbow harnessing.

Here’s a couple shots I really liked that didn’t make it into the Creative Catastrophe album:

(Photo by Cody)

This one was probably too harmonious to fit in well with the album’s catastrophic nature. I love it though, as a stand alone piece-amazing, the way the car, stucco and concrete match the parasol and the flanking red vehicles echo the brake lights.

(photo by Jessica)

This one was probably too tasty(ie: sexy but non-disturbing) to make the cut. But city unicorns love to snuggle(and show off their cute rumps) and it’s far too pretty a shot to just hit the cutting room floor, in my ever-so-humble opinion. ;)

Hurray for the creatively bizarre!

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