A self esteem question for my readers

My sister, the amazing Blackbelt Dreamer, is building a membership site for women on self esteem and self empowerment. She needs input and asked me to put this question out to you:

“What would you most like to see as tools and content on a membership site about self esteem and self empowerment? What kind of tools, content, helpful things would you most like that would be of value to you?”

Here’s a link to an awesome video of an interview with her:


Yay sis! Tell her what you think, Oh My Illustrious Readers. She’s got a nifty little questionaire page on her site where you can answer directly: http://www.high-self-esteem.com/Questionnaire.html

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  1. Graumagus Says:


  2. Zan Says:

    Um, OK then.



  3. Graumagus Says:

    I never said it was a GOOD self esteem message :)

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