Wedding bliss

My dear heartsister Sharon got married saturday to her wonderful betrothed, Jason.


I was honored and delighted to participate in their ceremony and watch them plight their troth in a circle of rose petals and beach stones(with our wishes for their union written upon them) and surrounded by tear-soaked family and friends. It was a beautiful ceremony, Marit did a great job officiating, despite being asked only the night before to fill in the role! She proudly declared them Woman and Husband. :)

Sunday, we had a big party at the Haller Lake Community center and there was square dancing-


-and so much delight and feasting and fun the whole city surely felt the waves of love…


My heart certainly overflows with the joy of it. So good to see my beloved, glorious Sharon united with such a good man and surrounded by loving family and community.

What a beautiful day!

I did take pics at the party. Enjoy the flickr’d set here.

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