The Infinite Feast!

I may have had a rather unfortunate summer, but I certainly have an amazing fortune in my friends!

Cody, kickass organatrix and grand friend that she is, decided to throw a benefit party for me and proceeded to do so, in truly glorious Badbad Faerie style! Jeff generously donated the use of the Little Red Day Spa and my fabulous posse(Yay Cody! Rita! Ben! Anna! Blackbird! Drew! Juliet! Cheri! Sam! David! Julia!) rallied their considerably delicious forces and talents and thus, the Infinite Feast was born!

It was an absolutely sumptuous, sexy soiree, with delicious munchies, hot tubbin’, dancing(thanks Michael Holden for the awesome tunes!),



massage(yay Candace!), tarot(the mysterious Madam Blackbird), poetry(call and response between David Jones and I), luscious desserts, awesome art and of course the Bad bad Faeries and their wicked, fruity shenanigans!

Badbad Faeries!

Badbad Faeries!

More pics on Facebook.

It was so much fun! Thanks so so much Coders and all of you who helped organize it, baked for it, made gorgeous signage, worked it, donated awesome art(yay David, Juliet and Liz!) and services(props to Cody, Danni, Sharon, Jason and BB!) to the auction and came and danced and soaked and cuddled and bought art and things…

My Buddha holds a fat envelope full of lovely green bills that will help me pay off a chunk of my debt, buy my ever-growing kiddo clothes for the fall and get my unhappy tooth to the dentist.. Though one of the very first things I’m going to do is GO BUY A NICE BIG CANVAS!!! Just to prove to myself that I don’t have to give up, even if I no longer have those lovely big walls I was so looking forward to painting pictures for.

But regardless of the money, the gift of my friends and community is a rich one. It is a boon and a bounty I’ll not soon forget.


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