Invisible raccoons

Not having a car has been good for me, I think. Much walking has been necessary in a season where it’s so much more appealing to veg at home than to bravely blunder out into the damp, grey chill.

On one such mile-eating excursion, I was stumbling over to Cody’s(after stuffing myself on WAY too much coconut soup at Jai Thai AND a mojito) and my eye was caught by furtive(but bulgey) movements in the dark of a nearby yard.

Two ginormous ‘coons scuttled up onto the steps of someone’s house and froze-absolutely in plain sight, lit by the porch light as though it was a spotlight.

They stared me down, as if they could render themselves invisible by the mere power of their gaze and immobility.

It was hilarious and sweet.

After several long moments spent gratefully soaking in their boldness, I gave them an (invisible) wink and moved on, back into the world of humans, where invisibility is so easy to attain, you don’t even have to stop moving.

But it’s more sad than amusing.

2 Responses to “Invisible raccoons”

  1. Graumagus Says:

    You are definitely NOT a person that goes unnoticed, ‘Zan :)

  2. Zan Says:

    Aw, you ARE sweet. You might be surprised though. When I forget my powerful, sassy self and go all harried single momma rushing through the grocery store, worried about bills and whether I’ll have enough left over after groceries to buy long underwear for my kiddo-well, I go invisible with the rest of the sad herd of busy, wistful humans.

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