Courageous author

Arundhati Roy writes of her journey amongst the rebels in the Indian jungles and of the ravaging of India’s resources by government and big business. Beautiful, eloquent writing and a telling exposure of the horrific shortsightedness of greedy humans in their hurry to profit at the expense of the world they live in.

Her article on Democracy’s Failing Light is well worth perusing, too.

‘Could it be that democracy is such a hit with modern humans precisely because it mirrors our greatest folly—our nearsightedness? Our inability to live entirely in the present (like most animals do) combined with our inability to see very far into the future makes us strange in-between creatures, neither beast nor prophet. Our amazing intelligence seems to have outstripped our instinct for survival. We plunder the earth hoping that accumulating material surplus will make up for the profound, unfathomable thing that we have lost.’

4 Responses to “Courageous author”

  1. BB Says:

    She is a most courageous Indian woman writer, and gives great talks on NPR
    sometimes. Thank heavens for some sanity in this world!

  2. Zan Says:

    Yeah, she’s amazing. May it spread far and wide and catalyze great changes in the human way of life.

  3. Darin Says:

    That is beautiful and true. Thanks Zan! I fell asleep last night reading “One From Many” by Dee Hock, who was saying pretty much the same thing as he recounted his efforts to redesign the corporation so it becomes a responsible and noble citizen serving the people, no longer devouring them.

  4. Zan Says:

    Sounds like good reading!

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